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The Department of Biomedical Engineering is at the forefront of one of the most rewarding areas of engineering, applying the principles and methods of engineering to medicine, engaging in research and teaching. Our research and teaching are second to none; the advances we make today will be seen in medicine tomorrow. 

So if you want to improve healthcare, become a part of our team.

2017 Application Open for Assistant Professor (in vivo Magnetic Resonance Research)
2017 Application Open for Research Assistant for MRI Study

Department and Faculty Events


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  1. Clinical Immunology and Allergy Rounds

    "Penicillin Allergy Evaluation and Antimicrobial Stewardship" Ling Ling BMSc, MD, FRCPC, ABIM

  2. Geriatric Grand Rounds

    "Older Adults and Addiction" Kelly Beshara MSW RSW & Carmen Lang, MA R. Psych LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Overview of the development of addiction models • Present alternative ways of conceptualizing addiction in older adults • Discuss what role healthcare professionals can play in improving outcomes in older adults with addiction concerns

  3. RAH: Medicine Grand Rounds

    Endoscopic Therapies to Treat Obesity " Shawn Wasilenko MD, FRCPC – Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology – RAH

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