Graduate Courses

The University of Alberta offers graduate courses in many departments related to biomedical engineering. Undergraduate courses, if required, are generally credited as one-half of a graduate course. The list below gives titles of some of the courses (plus Department and some undergraduate courses), descriptions of the courses being found here. For information on courses available during specific terms, please refer to Beartracks. In general, departments require their students to successfully complete a given number of graduate courses, but in many cases will allow the student to take a course offered by another department if deemed relevant to their program. Some departments will also allow students to take undergraduate courses if the student is not fully versed in the area of the course, and if it is considered important to the student’s degree.

Please note: Certain courses may sometimes not be available in a given term.

BME 320 Human Anatomy and Physiology: Cells and Tissue.

BME 321 Human Anatomy and Physiology: Systems.

BME 510 Neuro-Imaging in Neuroscience.

BME 511 Stem Cell Engineering.

BME 513 Imaging Methods in Medicine.

BME 520 Neuroplasticity of Sensorimotor and Pain Systems.

BME 530 Topics in Biomedical Engineering.

BME 553 Rehabilitation Engineering: Assisted Movement after Injury.

BME 564 Fundamentals of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI.

BME 579 Topics in Medical Physics.

BME 599 Project in Biomedical Engineering.

BME 600 Graduate Student Research Seminar Series.

BME 630 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering.

CH E 582 Introduction to Biomaterials.

CH E 655 Advanced Biomaterials Science.

CHEM 536 Synthesis and Applications of Inorganic and Nano-materials.

CHEM 544 Characterization Methods in Nanoscience.

CHEM 583 Applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

ECE 558 Microfabrication and Nanofabrication, Topics I.

ECE 658 Fabrication and characterization of Microelectromechanical Systems.

ECE 671 Nonlinear Optics and Nanophotonics.

LABMP 510 Cryobiology I.

LABMP 511 Cryobiology II.

MATH 570 Mathematical Biology.

MEC E 564 Design and Simulation of Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS).

MEC E 585 Biomechanical Modelling of Human Tissues and Systems.

MEC E 634 Aerosol Science and Technology.

MEC E 635 Mechanics of Respiratory Drug Delivery.

MEC E 688 Mechanics of Biological Tissues.

NEURO/BME 520 Neuroscience.

ONCOL 535 Clinical Radiobiology.

ONCOL 550 Medical Radiation Physics.

ONCOL 552 Fundamentals of Applied Dosimetry.

ONCOL 554 Laboratory in Medical Radiation Physics.

ONCOL 556 Laboratory in Imaging.

ONCOL 562 Theory of Medical Imaging.

ONCOL 568 Physics of Diagnostic Radiology.

ONCOL 690 Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Methods and Applications.

PTHER 562 Diagnostic Imaging.