English Language Requirement


Students wishing to enter graduate studies in the University where their undergraduate or preceding studies took place in universities other than in Canada may be required to successfully pass an English-language examination in order to be considered for acceptance, exemptions to this for various countries and undergraduate universities being found here. If an English-language examination is required, the minimum acceptable score for consideration will depend upon the department the student wishes to enter, minimum acceptable scores being found here.

The following table gives minimum scores for the Department of Biomedical Engineering:


Approved English Language Examinations

Minimum Score


Test of English as Foreign Language

Paper Based Test:       600 
Computer Based Test: 250
Internet Based Test:    100

For Internet Based Test, a score of at least 25 on each of the individual areas

International English Language Testing System

Minimum overall band score of 7.5

At least 7.0 on each band

Michigan English Language Assessment Battery

Minimum score of 91


Canadian Academic English Language Assessment

Overall minimum
score of 70

With at least 70 on each subset